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Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., formerly known as The Stanley Works, is a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware and provider of security products. Headquartered in the greater Hartford city of New Britain, Connecticut, Stanley Black & Decker is the result of the merger of Stanley Works and Black & Decker on March 12, 2010.

A former employee said "Pay and benefits were the only two things tolerable when it came working at Stanley Black & Decker. Was mandated 7 days a week for months at a time. Supervisor was completely incompetent and no clue how to run and of the machines on the entire production floor(I was in the tapping department). Supervisor never worked 40 hours in the entire 3 1/2 years i was there. The handbook said you were allowed 7 points; on the 8th point, you were terminated. But, at 5 points you were put on attendance probation for 90 days in which if you were late or called off, you were terminated. If you were put on attendance probation twice in one year, you were terminated. It took one year and one day for 1 point to fall off and everyone in the entire plant was held at the same attendance standard. So if one person had every single weekend off, they followed the same standard as the person who was forced to work every weekend for 6 months straight (which I had done at least 3 times). I had to quit this job because it was wearing on me mentally so much that the last year I was there, I needed to take huge doses of antidepressants to deal with being forced to work every single day. I contemplated suicide every single moment I was there in the last year. I missed 3 1/2 years of spending any kind of time with my family, I missed 3 1/2 years of being able to watch my daughter grow up and become the young woman she now is. Most of the time it wasn't just an eight hour shift, it was 10 to 12 hours everyday...I worked anywhere for 84 to well over 100 hours every single week. I was paid accordingly, and paid well for the hours I was in that building. But after going six months without a day off, going six months of being in that same building 10-12 hours every single day, and six months of being forced to be in that building under the threat of being terminated (and those six month stretches were mandated).I would never recommend Stanley Black & Decker or wish that freaking job on anyone, not even my worst enemy."


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Former Employee - Security Account Manager says

"-Terrible upper & mid management - terrible work atmosphere - terrible motivational spirit - no real support - no real job training"

Current Employee - General says

"Layers of upper management continue to grow at the expense of the employees that are tasked with managing everyday operations. The style of leadership that is employed by these new managers is the lower level is burdened with serving the upper level as they are not present at the facilities."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Entire teams have been hired, sacked/quit, replaced, sacked/quit in under a year. Diseased culture with lack of empathy and morale, favouritism, stuck in the dark ages both technology and mentality, your voice won’t be heard, hard to hit targets, horrible company reputation, 3x the price of competition, managers never lead from the front or practice what they preach, absolutely no team culture, offices are uninviting and lifeless - sometimes you even feel unwelcome. Company has delusions of grandeur regarding their brand name. They will tell you the weight of their tools division is a selling point and an indication of the quality of product and service, when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, they have zero USP’s and so they rely on the brand name in order to scramble for an explanation as to why they are 3 times the price of every other competitor (who generally are able to offer the exact same product with a better level of service). The training is based around sales voodoo which has never been successfully demonstrated by any senior level employee or manager. They preach 1980’s window sales approaches and choose to abhor and trample any radical thinking or new ideas. Their endgame seems to be ripping people off with a huge margin and false promises and then spending months cleaning up the mess amongst an enraged customer. The managers don’t seem to do anything. Seriously. Their title is literally manager and they do anything but manage. They spend days on end in zoom and face to face meetings, achieving nothing except another meeting. They are more interested in rubbing the backs of those above them rather than developing their sales people and passing on their pains and ideas to the next level. Everyone is out for themselves. Anything you say out of line is perceived as “negative”, apparently nothing negative can be talked about because it will damage their precious egos. Stanley Security UK is on borrowed time. They’re growth plans are a joke."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Do the right thing and they will punish you. If you are a member of the guard or reserves, don't expect any opportunities and to be constantly mislead by HR."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Sales are a joke, there is no strategy in place, there is however a "culture of excuses" embedded in the company, No accountability whatsoever at any level for successively not reaching proposed targets, operational costs would often exceed the actual amount of the sale, which means besides no profit, the company takes a loss, the Managing Director has no clue on how the "security business organics" in Portugal works and believes Portugal can be managed like the UK. Basically the company has been turned into a "nickle and dime" company that doesn't have the ability to complete with the major players in the market."

Former Employee - National Account Manager says

"Where to onboarding, no structured training, no CRM training resources, overly complicated CRM, no clear national account sales plan , reliance on projects from long-time customers, no strategy for attracting new logos, no strategy to build recurring revenue model, no strategy to stem recurring revenue attrition. Broken promises for assigned accounts. No shared vision or direction. High turnover throughout the security division."

Former Employee - Sales says

"This company throws around all the right buzzwords but doesn’t truly back them up with action. They’ve been lagging so far behind and still have a super inflated ego thinking the name will carry favour. The office is dull, motionless and un-inspiring - more like working in a graveyard. No incentives for workers."

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Micromanagement, high cost of all products, managers just point fingers at sales team instead at looking at down falls of company and improving, ridiculous long winded crm to approve jobs, you are just a number finally as i do not want to waste any more time on this company, if you join this company and you do not immediately get lucky on a project you will be imminently looking for a new job. please BEWARE!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No Training. You will be expected to train on your own time. You will be told to go out into the field to fix equipment you have never been trained on. If you can not you will be asked why not. Management encourages the other employees to bully."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Overpriced on all products, competitors will always undercut you making it impossible to win new business. - Lack of company awareness. Have a look around, you will hardly see any Stanley Bell Boxes around, only their competition. This makes it hard to get your foot through the door as the customers are already drawn to the other bigger well known companies. - They prefer to increase business by acquisitions rather than invest money in organic growth (sales team) - You are just a number, you don’t perform, you will go on performance review. Never any clear path of how to get out of that, and management won’t help either. - Micro managed, management have minimal trust and will always call to make sure your working. - Poor installations/Bad Communication, customers, new and exsisting are constantly complaining about how bad the service team at Stanley are, adding on more admin and stress to your work. - Look after their own pockets rather than helping the customer. - Will try their best not to pay out on your commission as well. - Manager is never avaliable and always on conference calls. When a team is under performing, management will just sit in their chair, point fingers instead of getting out there and helping. - Due to price and what they would like you to sell at. Targets are unacheivable. - All staff benefits are mainly for the US. Christmas Party is non exsistant, and they expect you to bring your own tea bags and milk to the office as it’s an unnessary cost to the business."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrible don't do it unless your on machine or forklift then it's laid back somewhat if u are a stock boy they train you with two people who work together as a team then for whatever reason I think greed they try and make you work the whole life all by yourself and talk to you like a dog while they walk through daisys and smile and prance around while you run around like a fool.NoneToo many to name"

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company is terrible! I cannot believe top management will lie, cheat, steal, and place workers in harm as part of their everyday work culture. This company is headed for disaster. Dump their stock if it's in your portfolio while you're ahead.Almost everything"

Stretch Machine Operator, Quality Control Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I must say that most of the supervisors are highly unqualified. For example one if the supervisors was responsible for certification of forklift operation. They would only test the individual on how they drove but not on how they operated the machinery. Then when thing were stacked and racked the wrong way they would unprofessionally display an obtuse attitude. I was fired when I was injured on the job. This should tell you how these people operate. Evil scum bag management. NoneMany"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"u are basically just a number.I have been there for 3 years & they have a high turn over rate & alot of racism and harassment. not a good job 4 blackyou will get 40 plus hrsno family time"

Project Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Stanley Black and Decker, formed as a result of merger of Black and Decker Inc. with Stanley Works represents a great American company story; focus more on short term on stock market price with no plan to gain in long term – all signs of a dying company! 1. No Job Security: Company has been constantly laying off people since 2017. Restructuring/Re-organization takes place every few months. If Stanley Black and Decker stock price falls, expect layoff and costing cutting immediately. All Business Units that I know have laid-off, terminated, pushed out to retirement, furloughed or fired people as a result. Company has lost valuable talents over past few years and bleeding has not seems to stop. High employee turn-over at this company. 2. Chaotic: There is absence of proper planning or coordination between different departments. For example, Finance does not want work with Engineering, HR or IT and vice versa. Ultimately, whatever decision that you make can be overruled by Finance. Finance ultimately drive daily decision making. Expect to be in conference call/meetings all day long. No systems, no planning, no coordination, no organization. 3. Out-sourced: Top talent are constantly asked to leave either forcefully or through voluntary retirement leaving behind a huge talent vacuum. New employees hired are sub-par at best. As one of the latest decisions, almost majority of old talented IT workforce was laid off in place of low paid non-immigrant by HCL. 4. Poor/Reduced Compensation and Benefits: Expect no raise or recognition of work no matter how hard you work. Expectation isFlexible work hoursLong work hours, no job security, constant layoffs"

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Responsibilities of departments are constantly changing and will give your job to someone else and not tell you until your last day in that position. You never know if you will have a job come the next day."

compte client (Former Employee) says

"compte client vérifier paiement facture bloquer commande"

Order Selector/Trainer/Emergency response team/ Saftey member (Former Employee) says

"You could be the kind of employee that met your quota (hit your numbers), always said yes to help in anyway, had a great attendance record, always stayed late, always volunteered, joined Saftey groups and ensured the safety of your fellow Co workers, successfully train new hires in multiple jobs, and you would still get a call after work saying you were talked to about your attendance and are now terminated. Don’t waste your time at this sorry warehouse."

Customer Service Representative Stanley/Black& Decker (Former Employee) says

"Worked 38 years only good thing for this company only to have them lie about company intentions as a whole. Company closed when they said they would not"

demouleur (Former Employee) says

"j'ai développé le syndrome du tunnel carpien a force de démouler les meules et ils ont tout fait pour m'apprendre une méthode plus lente de travail mais ton contremaître ne cesse de te pousser pour aller plus vite je n'ai pas eu de csst parce qu'ils ont tout fait pour prouver que je me suis fait mal ailleurs ou que je n'avais pas une bonne méthode de travail je ne conseil a personne d'y travailler c'est mon experience peut etre la votre sera meilleure."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company could careless about AMERICAN jobs! They could careless about AMERICANS having jobs!!!!!! Pretty much everything they have their hands on, is made in Mexico or China!!!!! Their VP's and Directors could careless about keeping jobs in AMERICA!!!!!! You buy their products, your supporting CHINA and MEXICO!"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This is unprofessional and lacks leadership. There’s a lot of favoritism at this job and if you are not Indian or a Hispanic you will be treated unfairly. If your working first shift you only get a 20 minute lunch break and two 10 minute breaks. You work 10 hours to only get 20 minute lunch break. This is why they have such a high turnover rate because this is a bad place to work. You also won’t get paid on time"

Reach/Standup Operator (Former Employee) says

"Started unloading. Worked my way to reach operator doing putaways and even running the stretch, but they don’t really care about entry level associates. It’s just a transactional relationship to management. Entirely impersonal and unrealistic work relationships and production standards. You’re just a dollar sign here. Overtime is currently being reduced, and the turnover rate is atrocious here. They think quarterly prizes and tacos make up for the lack of involvement by management , but refuse to reward the associates financially."

Security Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"Horrible about hours worked vs hours paid. 1 hour per day is romoved from paycheck for commuting time even though you are dispatched from your home to travel to jobs in a company vehicle and manditory conference calls you don't get paid for."

former employee (Former Employee) says

"HR in Southington location was terrible. They were awful. Unprofessional. Did not follow proper procedures. I would never advise anyone to work there."

Material Handler I (Current Employee) says

"No advancement. Managers care nothing about people. Horrible leadership, all about the company. Same job for 5 years, I'm stuck. Have tried to advance, they deny me."

Forklift Operator and Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Worse place to work for and I didn’t like it at all. They treat you like your nothing and boss you around all day. I would never recommend this place to anyone."

Manager Process & Systems (Former Employee) says

"The person who has been brought up on HR charges for wrongful termination and other HR atrocities has just been named President of the company... run away as fast as you can"

Warehouse Operative/Picker (Current Employee) says

"It is badly managed and would not recommend working for this company I work there and they got rid of me but not a good valid reason places full of snakes"

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"Fellow staff were very difficult to work with and unaccommodating Very small office, but not a lot of teamwork, boss was very “distant” to his workers, and hard to approach."

Al Stickland says

"Not long ago I bought a professional grade shovel from Stanley. It didn’t take long to realize that it was not in fact professional grade it was no grade at all. When you put any pressure on the shovel it bends in half. I contacted Stanley twice and never heard a response. I don’t know when they became such a crummy company but I definitely would not recommend them."

Robert Colyer says

"I bought a pack of Stanley wooden drill bits. Very 1st use drilling a 1 inch pilot hole into ply wood only to have the thing snap like a twig. Absolutely shocked I bothered to call Stanley tools customer service. Genuinely was told to buy competitors product if I wasn't happy with the quality of the product. No apology or refund. The customer service lad spoke to me as if I were a joke calling him to make a dare I!!!! When did Stanley go from being the best around to this embarrassing low quality garbage service? I will never use Stanley tools again and with this attitude it won't be long before they go bust in this economic climate"

Charlie Syrah says

"They put giant sticky labels over all their crappy tools. Totally worthless company. I hope they go bankrupt as soon as possible! What a bunch of subhumans at Stanley Tools!"

Trevor Knowler says

"I purchased a Stanley Fatmax Drill there was a free battery offer on so it seemed wise to get a free spare battery. But here we are 7 months on and even though I had been told I had fulfilled the claim criteria I have not received the battery. I have sent several emails to customer services but not had any response from them or reason for not sending the battery, it seems to have been a false marketing ploy to boost sales leading up to Christmas with no intention of giving out the free battery. I have sent several emails to the company but they have not responded to any of them, a very poor service and would not recommend anyone buying from this company."

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